How the LenexaCARE Works: An Instructional Guide for Nurses

Given the significance of pressure injuries and the huge burden they are for patients, families, and the healthcare system, our patented technology, LenexaCARE, aims to prevent Pressure Injuries from developing. 

pressue injury patient with nurse analysing improvements with lenexa medical software

But, how does it work? We will break it down for you.

LenexaCARE is a smart patient-centred technology that can detect, monitor, and alert clinicians and carers about patient position, posture, and pressure points during their stay. Therefore, minimising the risk of pressure injuries.

1. Mattress


lenexa medical mattress


Our smart mattress is:

  • Made with memory foam 
  • Made with patented fabric-based sensor technology
  • Provides pressure relieving properties 
  • Coupled with ultra-high breathability.

We incorporated a sensor directly into a fitted hospital-grade mattress cover making it cost-effective compared to other solutions available in the market. Using only the finest quality foams, each mattress has been clinically tested to provide superior patient comfort and support while aiding in pressure redistribution. The in-built sensor continuously collects pressure and contact data removing the need for staff to conduct unnecessary manual skin inspections on the patient.

2. The Lenexa Hub


smart sensor software device captures movements

Our in-built sensing capabilities and smart software monitor and log the patient’s position and movements in real-time. The personalised data of each patient’s movements and pressure points are then transferred through The Lenexa Hub to our app, providing the data needed to be shown to the users. 


3. The Dashboard


AI software enabled user interface


Our app will display the data collected with a carefully designed user interface, ensuring the information is well received by users/staff. The APIs allow integration with a wide variety of existing software systems, making it easy to fit in with the existing facilities. Moreover, the dashboard is easily customizable to suit the user’s preferences and needs. 


personalised data user interface


The app will show the pressure points, duration, risk, and other relevant statistics for the carers. The AI software will pinpoint the areas of highest relative pressure and provide personalised offloading strategies and timings. Therefore, a nurse or caregiver is able to work smarter and adjust the patient according to their own level of ability and risk profile.

Innovative, smart, and effective. LenexaCARE consists of a patented integrated fabric-based sensor, user interface and AI software, that is personalised to each patient, with real-time pressure profile and position information communicated to staff to enable data-driven, targeted and timely PI prevention. 


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September 21, 2022

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