May 2022

How LenexaCARE® Compares to Current Pressure Injury Prevention Standards

Pressure injuries affect millions of people worldwide, extending the length of hospitalisations, causing severe...

BlueRockDigital May 19, 2022

The Latest Pressure Injury Technology Can Help Australian Hospitals Save Billions

Every year, the Australian public hospital system is estimated to spend about $9.11 billion due...

BlueRockDigital May 19, 2022

Lenexa Medical Have Been Granted Australian Made Certification

We are proud to announce that our innovative technology, LenexaCARE®, has been granted the...

xiang May 9, 2022

Come and Hear About Lenexa Medical’s Technology at The Digital Health Festival

Digital Health Festival (DHF) is one of Australia’s biggest and most important health technology...

xiang May 9, 2022

LenexaCARE® Approved to Sell on the New Zealand Market

We are honoured and beyond excited to announce that LenexaCARE® has received our approval...

xiang May 6, 2022

IT Wire Features the Latest News on LenexaCARE®

Lenexa Medical’s LenexaCARE® medical technology has been declared state-of-the-art technology in the latest IT wire’s publication. The article...

xiang May 4, 2022