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May 4, 2022

Lenexa Medical’s LenexaCARE® medical technology has been declared state-of-the-art technology in the latest IT wire’s publication. The article sheds light on the current prevention trials undergone at Bendigo Hospital in regional Victoria and the potential impacts of the ‘world first’ technology on pressure injury prevention.

Pressure injuries (PIs) cost Australian health systems billions of dollars every year according to recent research by The International Journal of Nursing Studies. Yet, most PIs are preventable with accurate and timely care. However, as the article points out, the “current standard of care is a subjective assessment (…) that can be disruptive to the patients.” Identifying this pain point, Lenexa Medical has introduced a pressure injury monitoring system to provide personalised and targeted care to inpatients.

Ongoing trials at Bendigo Health Hospital are progressing successfully. “Bendigo Health’s new Hospital and residential care facilities are ideally placed to host this initial state-of-the-art technology trial. The trial aims to maximise the clinical usability of the Lenexa Medical Smart sheet system whilst optimising its integration into the clinical workflow in ICUs, hospital wards and in residential care.” Bendigo Health geriatrician, Prof Marc Budge said.

Read the full IT wire article here:‘world-first’-lenexa-medical-device.html

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