Lenexa Medical Supports the Australian Government’s $18.8 Billion Aged Care Reform

August 30, 2022

Lenexa Medical welcomes the Federal Government’s decision to reform an under-resourced aged care sector, delivering senior Australians the care they deserve. 

The Australian Government has recently announced its plan to transform the aged care sector with a 5 year $18.8 billion reform package. 

Proposed improvements are made in response to the recommendations from the Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety’s final report. The improvements are considered to provide high-quality and safe aged care, when and where they need it.

LenexaCARE® for the solution

Bringing the same urgency and goal, Lenexa Medical supports the government’s reforms through its latest solution for pressure injury prevention – LenexaCARE®.

Pressure injuries are one of the most common incidents in Australian aged care. They are the cause of prolonged suffering that can be fatal and cost our public health system billions each year. There are over 400,000 cases of pressure injury incidents in Australia per year, with the number expected to increase every year.

Man receiving LenxaCARE from doctor

A pressure injury patient, Norman (57), expresses the extreme discomfort he felt, “It’s right in my lower back, which is really, really a tough spot. I’ve spent 3 and a half months in the hospital”. One of the improvements the government suggests is ensuring all aged care facilities will employ at least one registered nurse on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wanting to contribute to the positive changes, Lenexa Medical uses its capability to improve the quality of the Australian aged care sector by focusing on PI treatment and prevention using LenexaCARE®.

LenexaCARE® is the latest invention in pressure injury prevention. It is developed to support clinicians in aged-care and hospital environments, providing 24/7 monitoring for patients at risk of pressure injuries.

Machine learning and AI combined with real healthcare providers

LenexaCARE® will provide clinicians with non-subjective data to monitor patient position over time and indicate where the patient’s specific pressure areas are; effectively saving nurses’ time while providing accurate personalised data to enable early interventions and prevent pressure injuries from developing.

“We wanted to develop a solution, not to replace nurses or healthcare providers. To support them with a second pair of eyes, LenexaCARE® serves as a non-intrusive, invisible guardian. By utilising machine learning and AI, it is able to provide a targeted solution for the prevention of pressure injuries.” – Ajit Ravindran, Co-Founder and CEO of Lenexa Medical.

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